Instant Coffee

'Starbucks Logo'

The Starbucks just around the corner from Carroll Hall on Franklin street attracts a lot of business from NCSMI students, particularly those who work in some of the faster paced sessions. Most of the journalists have somewhat of a sweet tooth. The baristas have also noticed that the sweeter items tend to be the most attractive to the customers.

Starbucks and the Orders that Keep it in Business

Generally the caramel macchiato or some variant of it is what I see ordered the most,” said barista Juiliana “JJ” Jones, a morning barista at the Franklin Street Starbucks that so many students attend.

Another barista working at the same Starbucks but at a different shift noticed that they also were usually requested to make sweeter drinks.

Caramel Macchiatos, café mochas, and different forms of lattés are what I make the most,” said Drew Malchow, a late shift barista.

More Caffeine

Coffee is not the only source of caffeine at NCSMI, though. Many other students cited other beverages for their annual caffeine consumption.

Primarily the popular alternative to coffee is soda, but coffee remain the overwhelming favorite.

Student Comments

Some other students gave interesting responses when asked about their opinion of Starbucks and their introduction to coffee in general.

Emmy Brooks, an NCSMI student, gave a great story on her introduction to coffee.

“The first time my parents gave me coffee, I hated it, but a couple years ago when my friends took me to Starbucks, I tried something with coffee in it and I loved it”

Many of the other students gave answers similar to hers. One of the answers stood out a little bit.The student, who preferred to remain anonymous said that they “Try to avoid Starbucks because it is too ‘mainstream’.” They also cited energy drinks as their main source of caffeine.

Clearly we all need something to keep us going through the day.



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