The Interview of a Lifetime

These students were each asked the same question: If you had the chance to interview anyone, alive or dead, whom would you choose and why?

Hannah Creech - George Washington
Madison Fehr - Jackie Kennedy
Thomas Grubb - Cliff Burton
Zoe Knepp - Bob Ross

"He's genuine and the most quirky, wacky guy I know."
Emma Zimmerman - Lin Manuel Miranda
Natalie Lonabaugh - John Lennon
Emma Carter - Abraham Lincoln

"He held the country together during a really difficult time."
Patrick Meehan - Alfred Hitchcock
Elijah Spies - Elon Musk

"He's innovative and trying to advance technology all around the world."
Grace Prillaman - Drake
Blythe Brantley - Napoleon Bonaparte
Cayleigh Brown - Harry Styles
Dakarai Nash - Michael Jackson
Rileigh Bryant - Elton John

"He seems like a really peaceful person and like he could carry on a really cool conversation."
Summer Lanier and Anna Howell - Osama Bin Laden
Josh McMahon - John Bellion
Anna Blount - Kathy Lee Gifford
"I would ask her: What's a piece of advice you could give to a young student wanting to be a news anchor?"
Sophie Lamm - Johnny Depp
Ella Hackett - Michael Jackson

Whether the answer was a famous singer or ground-shaking figure from the past, each interviewee had a connection to their choice. Some decisions were made instantly, while others took time and a strenuous brain-rack. However, those connections were strong enough that out of all the humans the world has seen, the students were able to narrow it down to one.


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