Where is Ruffin?

Picture of Ruffin Residence Hall

“Do you know where Ruffin Residence Hall is?” If you don’t, it’s ok; many students at NCSMI don’t. The campus of UNC Chapel Hill can be very confusing. That’s probably why I and many others got lost. It is very easy to get lost when every building looks so similar. A few of my friends and I were trying to get back to our dorm, Ruffin Residence hall, when we realized we were hopelessly lost. The group I was with asked a few people how to get to Ruffin and no one knew that the building even existed. After about an hour of wandering around we finally found it!

This made me wonder if anyone knew that Ruffin existed; so Natalie, with her camera, and I set out to seem like we were, once again, lost and asked people where Ruffin Residence Hall was. Five out of ten people had no idea. The other five didn’t know exactly where it was though. The highlight interviews were when a guy with a name-tag had no idea and told us to ask the delivery guy right behind them. He pointed in two wrong directions opposite from each other and told us it was down one of those paths. Another guy was standing right in front of the hall and told us he had no idea where it was.

While we were out we decided to take some pictures. Look below to see them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Featured below is a map of UNC Chapel Hill so you can see how big it really is! I also included some locations that we went to often.

Have you ever gotten lost at UNC Chapel Hill? Tell me about your experience in the comments.


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