NCSMI Students go to Ackland Art Museum

The Ackland Art Museum was founded by William Haynes Ackland (1855-1940). The Ackland Art Museum started with a collection of Western art, primarily from UNC-Chapel Hill.  The Museum is surrounded by crowded streets and restaurants. The Ackland Art Museum has many exhibits for tourists and locals alike.

Kayla Jystad looks at Ancient Mediterranean art
A member of her school’s junior latin club, Kayla Jystad’s connection to the art comes from her extensive knowledge of the culture.

The permanent collection includes pieces from Africa, Asia, Europe, The Mediterranean, and America.

“It’s just really cool because history from two thousand years ago is right there,” NCSMI student Kayla Jystad said about her favorite exhibit, The Ancient Mediterranean.

Student Emma Zimmerman looks at an abstract painting
“It reminds me of the city” -Emma Zimmerman

The museum offers multiple guides that explain the different eras and background to certain pieces.

“It was weird because the guy who look like the hero looked scared. It reminded me that we all get scared sometimes.” said NCSMI student Emma Zimmerman about the oil painting Sword of Damocles by Richard Westall.

“I can’t say much, but the upcoming exhibit is going to be a favorite of mine.” A Curator taking surveys at the front hinted about a newer exhibit.



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