NCSMI Students go to Ackland Art Museum

The Ackland Art Museum was founded by William Haynes Ackland (1855-1940). The Ackland Art Museum started with a collection of Western art, primarily from UNC-Chapel Hill.  The Museum is surrounded by crowded streets and restaurants. The Ackland Art Museum has many exhibits for tourists and locals alike.

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The Journeys of NCSMI Students

From Far and Wide? 

This is my first year attending the North Carolina Scholastic Media Institute, and unfortunately it will be my last, as I am a rising senior. However I have loved every bit of it! I am the only participate from my school, making me a member of the Academy program. I attend Gray Stone Day School in Misenheimer, NC. Coming from a very small, rural area (literally a village), not many people know where I am from. Therefore, I was inspired to find out other students’ journeys and backgrounds. Where are they from? How far did they have to travel? Four hours or forty-minutes? Needless to say, the  consensus was that the majority of NCSMI attendees were from the Charlotte area. (see map below)

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Where is Ruffin?

Picture of Ruffin Residence Hall

“Do you know where Ruffin Residence Hall is?” If you don’t, it’s ok; many students at NCSMI don’t. The campus of UNC Chapel Hill can be very confusing. That’s probably why I and many others got lost. It is very easy to get lost when every building looks so similar. A few of my friends and I were trying to get back to our dorm, Ruffin Residence hall, when we realized we were hopelessly lost. The group I was with asked a few people how to get to Ruffin and no one knew that the building even existed. After about an hour of wandering around we finally found it!

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